Artist Background

The blackbird is the artist’s signature, representing the realm between waking life and The Land Of Motionless Childhood, which is near Pinchbeck.

Helen’s multidisciplinary practice is a heterogeneous conflation of influences as diverse as the comic book world of A-ha, the writings of Jean Baudrillard, Philip K Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, Gaston Bachelard, music, dolls, film, architecture, along with theological and philosophical discourse following from a research specialism into how animation and illustration are used to explore the realm between reality and the imaginary.

“The imaginary was the alibi of the real, in a world dominated by the reality principle. And, paradoxically, it is the real that has become our true utopia – but a utopia that is no longer in the realm of the possible, that can only be dreamt of as one would dream of a lost object.” – Jean Baudrillard.

left: Self portrait with Morten Harket, 2010