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As the saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure”, this article will give you some tips on how to avoid tooth loss, as well as why you should be going to your Glasgow dental clinic regularly.

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Regularly Get a Check-Up at Your Glasgow Dental Clinic

Dentists go on about how important getting regular dental check-ups are – and for good reason – going to your Glasgow dental clinic at least once every 6 months (or if you notice a problem between check-ups). Every time you go for a dental check-up, the dentist will examine your teeth and gums to ensure that everything is okay. If he does spot any problems, they can be dealt with. Most of the time, when a dental problem is detected early it can be treated by your dentist and maintained with good oral hygiene practices.

glasgow dental clinic

Cut Back on Sugar

Tooth decay is one of the biggest causes of tooth loss, it is caused by a combination of saliva, food and fluids, which build up on the surface of the teeth, creating a sticky film. Plaque is constantly forming on the surface of teeth and needs to be removed with regular brushing and flossing.

Sometimes plaque can still build-up in hard to reach places, this is why flossing is essential to maintaining good oral health. Going to a Glasgow dental clinic twice a year will help ensure that any plaque build-up is detected and removed before it turns into tooth decay.

Stop Smoking

As we all already know, smoking is not good for your health, including your oral health. Smoking promotes periodontal disease, which is the middle of the scale when it comes to severity of gum disease. The theory behind this is that smoking tobacco may restrict the blood flow to the gum tissue, this limits the amount of nutrients to the bone that supports the teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss.

It’s estimated that a male smoker will lose an average of 2.9 teeth every 10 years of smoking and that a female smoker will lose an average of 1.3 teeth for every 10 years of smoking.

Watch Your Diet

It’s not just sugar that you need to be careful of, many starchy carbohydrates breakdown into sugar inside of the mouth. This can also be extremely damaging to teeth and gums and eventually lead to tooth loss through similar ways. Ensure to incorporate fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish into your diet for healthier teeth.

Protect Your Teeth

If you are active, particularly if you take part in contact sports, you run a higher risk of tooth loss due to accident/injury through trauma. Sports such as boxing and rugby have a high rate of tooth loss, so always ensure you wear a properly fitted mouth guard when playing any type of contact sport. You can get in contact with your Glasgow dental clinic to get a gum shield properly fitted and produced.

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