Latest Art Trends

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During the past few years, the art world has seen a lot of change. As a result, the latest art trends are becoming increasingly popular. For example, the resurgence of figurative art is one of the most popular trends in contemporary art.

black and white portrait art of a woman optical illusion

A return to human connection has driven the resurgence of figurative art. This is evident in the work of many contemporary artists. Among these are the likes of Awanle, Rosie McGurran, and Craig Donald. These artists use intuitive processes to produce unique artworks.

During the last two years, the art community has made a massive leap toward popularising and funding digitising their creations. This trend is expected to grow even more in the next year. As a result, these artists are breaking through previous conceptions of art, using technology to create new, innovative works.

The return of the Memphis Design trend is another major trend in the art world. This design trend was popular in the 1980s and has inspired new generations of designers and filmmakers. These artists use sensorial textures and playful designs to create pieces that will help people unwind. The Mid-century Modern Design movement influences these designs. This movement focused on active and organic shapes and lines.

The Memphis Design trend has also been used to create modern fashion pieces by designers such as Missoni and Christian Dior. It is also becoming popular in the interior design space, as brands use the designs to inspire new interior designs. In addition, these artists are also creating original pieces of figurative artwork.

Another major trend in the art world is a return to floral figures. These figures are a beautiful and poetic juxtaposition of the human form with flora. These figures also express a desire to reconnect with nature. The artworks feature sensual, sculptural shapes that create a rounded silhouette.

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Another art trend that is expected to become popular in the next year is investment in crypto art. Organic shapes and vibrant colours characterise this style of artwork. This type of artwork has been used as a way to democratise art. In addition, these artists are also using digital technology to showcase their work to a global audience.

Another major trend in the art world involves animal portraits. These art pieces feature the animal kingdom’s majesty and are also a way to add a fun and lighthearted touch to a space.

Another major art trend that will be seen in the next few years is digital art. The use of technology is helping contemporary African artists to reach a wider audience and to showcase their innovations. This will make it easier for up-and-coming contemporary African artists to gain access to the international art scene. In addition, digital technology will make it possible for more arts organisations to adopt the Smartify app, which allows people to point their smartphones at artworks. Furthermore, the app provides instant information on the painting.