Policies In Care Homes- All You Need To Know

Policies In Care Homes

Within any care environment Policies and procedures are key to consider before considering a care home for a close relative or friend. Policies In Care Homes are important as all Care Homes in the UK have to abide by set guidelines and ensure the well being of their staff and residents. In this article we will explore what exactly these Policies In Care Homes are and the affect they can have on those in the home.

Why Are Policies In Care Homes Important?

Within any care environment , Policies and Procedures are essential to ensure that the care home abides by UK health regulations and uses best practice when caring for its residents and looking after its staff. All Care Homes in England must abide by the care quality commission (CQC) guidelines. This organisation ensures that there are Policies In Care Homes and that they are abided by. If a care home is deemed to be negligent or a risk to the well being of its staff or residents then it can be closed down. The Care Quality Commission additionally reviews care homes across England and gives them a rating or score depending on how they operated. It is important for Care Homes to have good rankings so that they will attract more business.

Policies In Care Homes

Fundamental Standards Of Care

The CQC Has a set of fundamental standards of care that it ensures care homes abide by. This leads to many care homes buying policies and procedures in order to match the guidelines as closely as possible. Here are the guidelines as stated on the CQC website:

  • Personalised care – residents must receive treatment and care that specifically suits their unique needs and preferences. No resident is the same and each should be treated as an individual
  • Dignity and respect – Residents should be treated at all times with care and respect e.g Privacy , Equal treatment to peers and tailored support
  • The resident or anyone representing them on their behalf has to give consent in order for any treatment or care to be given
  • Premises and equipment- The facility in which you receive care and treatment in addition to any equipment should be kept to a high standard of cleanliness and well maintained.
  • Good Governance – The Organisation in charge of running the Care Home must have efficient management and policies and procedures in place.
Policies In Care Homes

Underlying Reasons For Policies And Procedures/Regulation

Unfortunately in recent years there have been a number of high profile cases in which it has become clear that the guidelines as well as the care system has failed to prevent harm. In 2010 and 2011 at a care home in Devon residents were physically and verbally abused as well as being left in locked rooms with nothing else in them for hours on end. This took a terrible toll on the residents and staff were rightly prosecuted as a result. This sustained abuse went on for years and largely stayed off the radar of any regulators or the government. It is clear from cases like this and previous cases that guidelines need to be adhered by and strictly enforced to ensure staff and residents alike are in a safe positive environment.

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