Same Day Test: Day 2 Testing for All Travellers

This day two on-site test allows you to complete your self-isolation while receiving results of the same day test (before midnight). A trained phlebotomist will collect your sample at your home or business if you reside inside the M25.

When you arrive in England, the testing you’ll need is determined by where you’ve been in the ten days leading up to your arrival. The regulations for entering England from another nation may be found in the most recent official information.

What Kind Of COVID-19 Test Do You Need You Need For International Arrivals?

The government has updated its COVID-19 laws and regulations regarding the new omicron variant. All travellers entering the UK must undergo a PCR same day test Birmingham on or before Day 2 of the quarantine. You must self-isolate until the test results are negative. You may also finish your isolation time after you get a negative result. For this reason, there are no free NHS tests available. Before scheduling your tests, please see the government’s website.

If you are from a green list country and fully vaccinated:

  • Take the same day test on or before the second day of your return to the UK.
  • Completing a UK Passenger Locator Form upon arrival or within 48 hours is required.
  • Have documentation that you have been completely vaccinated and that your last vaccination dose was obtained at least 14 days before your arrival in the UK.

 If you are not fully vaccinated and from a green list, Country:

  • After you return to the UK, do a PCR same day test Birmingham on or before Day 2.
  • After returning to the UK, have a PCR test on or before Day 8.
  • Upon arrival or within 48 hours, fill out a UK Passenger Locator Form.
  • Prepare for your trip by taking a pre-departure exam.
  • A Day 5 Test to Release test is also available, although not required.

If you’re coming from a Red Country: 

  • Take a PCR test on or before the second day of your return to the UK.
  • Fill out a Passenger Locator Form
  • Take a pre-departure examination.

What Do You Need To Prepare For Your Travel? ​

Within the three days before departure, get a Covid-19 PCR test. You can do this by scheduling a Travel Test on Day 2 of your quarantine. Then, fill out a passenger location form and include your booking reference number.

How Can You Get PCR Test Results On The Same Day?

Randox is a testing centre around the UK providing same day test for COVID-19. They have an in-house laboratory for testing. Since providers control the whole client journey from swab to result, they can give same-day test results. There is PCR analysis equipment in-house and a staff of technicians that operate around the clock.