Follow Bot Is A Great Tool For Freelancers

follow bot

Nowadays thanks to the rapid adoption of social media platforms, more and more freelance artists and businesses can enjoy the widespread exposure that systems such as Facebook and Instagram can provide.  Reaching wider and faster than ever before, these social media sites have the power to put you in front of audiences that actually take an interest in the type of content and products that you are offering.  With social media platforms firmly established, there are new smart tools emerging that can help you with your online following, such as a follow bot.

follow bot

Follow Bot Explanation

Essentially a follow bot is a tool that can take a lot of the hard work out of generating a larger social media following. There are basically two tried and tested methods of generating a decent social media following, here they are below.

First method

1. Produce outstanding content regularly that appeals to a LARGE audience, examples include fitness bloggers, fashion bloggers etc

2.  Engage with your followers and grow your status

3. Create content on a regular schedule

Second method

1. Produce content that appeals to a more NICHE audience, for example, mountain biking bloggers, skateboarders etc

2. Engage with your following but also engage with hashtags around your subject, and search for people in your location and connect with them

3. Like, follow and comment on these other users posts in order to attract people to your content

follow bot

Time is Money

So generally speaking the second method is what most people will attempt to do, but the thing is this takes up a great deal of time and effort.  Not only do you have the upkeep of your own profile and content to manage, but you have to spend many hours browsing users, finding people with an interest in your content, then you have to like, follow and comment on their posts.  That is a lot of work considering that the person who you have interacted with might not even look at your profile.

follow bot

Behind The Scenes

This is where the beauty of using a follow bot comes in.  If you are running your own business, you certainly do not have time to do these very mundane actions that may even prove pointless in the end if you don’t get any interest back.  A follow bot can automate some of these processes and will work away in the background so you don’t have to worry about taking the time to do it.  There are several types of automation bots available, and they all go about the same thing but in different ways. 


Some bots will actually comment and like other peoples posts, usually with a target hashtag, in order to generate interest in your account.  The problem is, sometimes the bot’s comments are generic and lack personality, and sometimes they can create awkward scenarios.  Other bots take a more simple approach, for example, mass viewing techniques, which involves watching the Instagram stories of other accounts which the user then sees and can tap on your account.