Banksy Opens Online Store, Gross Domestic Product


This month elusive graffiti artist Banksy has open his own online store, aptly named Gross Domestic Product.  It contains a range of products curated in true Banksy style, ranging from an empty can of spray paint at only £10 to a Union Jack stab-proof vest designed for the British rapper Stormzy, which caries a price tag of £850. 

Banksy claims that the introduction of his branded merchandise online store was brought about due to legal action from a greetings card company that was trying to “seize legal custody” of his name.

The online store looks like every other online shopping platform, even if the items displayed are not what you would usually find on a homeware website.  As well as the spray paint and stab-proof vest, you can also find a 230kg gravestone with the words “you have now reached your destination” scribed on the front, and a “Tony the Tiger” animal skin rug. 

All of the products feature ‘tongue-in-cheek’ descriptions, for example there is a baby mobile that consists of lots of cctv cameras pointed at the crib with the description, “prepare your little one for the journey ahead – a lifetime of constant scrutiny both state sanctioned and self imposed”.  Another example is the Bansky welcome mat, which claims to be “hand stitched using the fabric from life vests abandoned on the beaches of the Mediterranean.”  This welcome mat has a good cause behind it however, they are made by women in detainment camps in Greece, and the proceeds go refugees.

The process of buying these products is not as straightforward as simply putting in your card details.  Upon adding items to your cart, you are asked a series of questions, and your answers are judged by an independent evaluator on originality and suitability.  Successful applicants are notified a few weeks later and redirected to a private checkout link to secure their purchase.