The Use Of Media In Art

8mm film to DVD

Media and art are two different areas which have become very much intertwined over recent years. One of the reasons for this has been the close cooperation between artists and the media. One way in which media can be used to promote and convey art is through older archive footage. Converting 8mm film to DVD format is an excellent way to do this.

Over recent years there has been a resurgence in the number of documentaries as well as short films being published that show historical or archive footage of different places , people and objects from many years ago.

8mm film to dvd

One of the main benefits of converting 8mm film to DVD for this purpose would be the unique footage that can be gathered from this era. As well as the film being converted for viewing or art purposes some of the people or objects in the footage can also be used as models for art.

Pausing the film at a certain stage can provide a unique insight into history as well as an opportunity to paint or draw something or someone. Transferring this into a dvd format makes it much more accessible and easy to use with the ability to use the film on a computer , laptop , dvd player , games console , tv etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Converting An 8mm Film To DVD Format?

There are a range of unique benefits that come as a result of converting an 8 mm film to dvd format.

  • 8mm films provide an unfiltered look at past life and customs
  • Converting to dvd format allows scope for sharing on many media platforms
  • Conversion to dvd format from 8mm allows you to create a safe and secure copy of valuable footage that could otherwise deteriorate or be lost over time
8mm film to dvd

How Has 8mm Film Been Used In The Media?

8mm has been used in a variety of different ways over many years. One of the most recognisable forms of art that was originally produced on 8mm film was laurel and hardy. This duo were are a comedy pair who starred in hundreds of episodes aired in cinemas and television via the 8mm format.

The significance of this is that almost all of their work was produced through this film format and helped to portray the art form of comedy as well as acing to a much larger audience across the UK. DVD conversion can be used for this format to preserve it for future generations as well as to serve as a backup in case the original film reels are damaged.

8mm film to dvd

What Is The Future For Art And The Media?

Art and media are likely to have a close relationship for many years to come thanks to leaps and bounds in technology as well as the popularity of art online. It is likely that in the future soon there will be even more advanced ways in which we can capture and store media for the future. Overall media and art are likely to be closely aligned together for the foreseeable future.