Identifying Your Business Brand

Defining Your Purpose

The first step to defining your brand as a business is identifying your purpose. This is the reason you started your business, what change you want to bring to the world, and how your services or products will make that difference.

Once you have your answer to this question, you can start thinking about who you want to serve the most. The goal is to narrow down your audience as much as possible, so you can focus on serving them in the best way possible.

Defining Your Values

Your business values are a fundamental part of your brand and are what sets you apart from the competition. They serve as a guide to every decision you and your employees make, from who you work with to how you present yourself. They should be clear, concise and easy to remember. If you need help identifying your core company values, consider asking your clients, customers or trusted colleagues to provide feedback.

Creating Visual Identity

The branding component of a business focuses on the core values, essence, and tone of voice that will shape the business. However, a visual identity builds upon that by communicating the brand’s overall message through everything visually, from colors and fonts to imagery and aesthetic.

A clear and consistent visual identity allows brands to streamline the creative process by having a roadmap for design decisions. Consistency also resonates externally with consumers, stakeholders, and competitors.