Difference Between an Electric Pallet Stacker and an Electric High Lift Pallet Truck

The handling industry can be tricky to wrap your head around. There are lots of different names that all describe the same thing but there are also very similar names that describe equipment that is completely different.

So the main question is, what is the difference between an electric pallet stacker and electric high lift pallet truck?

The answer: absolutely nothing. These two pieces of machinery are identical, they just come under different names. Confusing right? It can be. Here are some of the benefits of an electric pallet stacker/ electric high lift pallet truck.


Some of the benefits associated with this type of handling equipment include;

Tough on Performance

Electric pallet stackers are incredibly durable. The advanced technology used to create the electric high lift pallet trucks of today help ensure that you will get the most out of your machine. With enhanced braking technology, tight controls and handling. They are easy to drive and steer, whilst being solid pieces of machinery at the same time.

Affordable to Operate

Electric pallet stackers are far more cost effective to run than diesel or oil electric high lift pallet trucks, this is due to electricity costing far less than LPG or diesel. They also require less overall maintenance and you don’t need to worry about a leak in the tank. Electric pallet stackers also have a lot less pieces than those that run on diesel.

Heath and Environmental Safety Advantages

Electric high lift pallet trucks produce zero emissions, allowing you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, whilst still getting the job done in a fast and efficient way. This also makes it safer for your workers as they will not be exposed to higher amounts of CO2 than usual. This may also drastically reduce your need for expensive warehouse ventilation systems. This may also reduce your overall heating bill, as it is more likely that warehouse doors will not need to be kept open all of the time – especially during the cold winter months. This won’t be the case for every warehouse, you’ll also need to take into consideration what other equipment is in your warehouse and what type of work is carried out in order to make that decision.

Ideal for Small and Large Scale Operations

The great thing about electric high lift pallet trucks is that they are great for small and large scale operations. They are a fairly good size for a whole matter of different operations. If you are unsure, get in contact with your local supplier.

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