Facts That You May Not Know About Lingerie in Glasgow

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You probably don’t think twice about where your lingerie comes from. Just like anything else, it does have a lot of history behind it. This article will tell you some facts that you may not know about lingerie in Glasgow.

Corsets Where Made Out of Whale Bone

Corsets have started to gain more popularity as lingerie in Glasgow, with many stores now stocking corset-like stock. I say corset-like because they are nothing like the monstrosities that were found back in the day. One notable difference is the material that corsets are made from. These days they are made from very thin pieces of wire, I’m sure this is more comfortable than the whale bone corsets that were popular around the early 1900’s.

The Sports Bar Was Invented in 1977

Woman’s football was banned in 1921, with the ban eventually being lifted in 50 years later, just in time for the invention of the sports bra. It’s surprising that woman’s sports got as far as they did without sports bras, props to them.

Madonna’s Bullet Bra Sold for $52,000

Remember the bullet bra? Pretty much anyone alive through the 90s will. This iconic piece designed by Jean-Paul Gautier and caused quite a bit of controversy at the time and is still regarded as a game changer to both the Pop and fashion industries.

Thongs Were Created to Cover Up Strippers

Things were invented after the Mayor of New York felt like strippers and exotic dancers were showing too much skin. These were created for dancers to cover up.

Victoria’s Secret Aimed to Stop Embarrassment

The founder of Victoria’s Secret, Roy Raymond, began the company after seeing the difficulties that his wife, Gaye had when buying lingerie. She would often feel embarrassed by judgemental people in department stores, so Roy decided to create a store with one sole purpose, to create a store that women could go to and not feel judged.

The Average Woman Owns 21 Pairs of Panties

The US carried out research on the average amount of panties that women own (I don’t know why either), they concluded that the average woman owns 21 pairs.

Cup Sizes Didn’t Exist Until 1935

Bras have been around for an extremely long time, so it may surprise you that cup sizes weren’t invented until 1935. Before then, it was sort of a free for all and women just had to make do with what they had, rather than finding something with a comfortable fit. You now can’t get a piece of lingerie in Glasgow without there being specific sizing.

Ancient Greeks Invented Underwear, Now You Can Find Lingerie in Glasgow and All Over the World

The ancient Greeks were responsible for a lot of inventions, ideas and customs that have been adapted and are still used in modern life today. They were also the first to wear lingerie, with bras falling out of fashion at the end of ancient Greek civilisation and not returning again in Europe until the 13,000s.

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