Street Art in Auctions: Banksy, Rammellzee, and Shepard Fairey

banksy bottle

A recent French street art auction has featured a record-breaking sale for one of the world’s most popular contemporary artists. Banksy’s bomb hugger and the wheat paste of Johnny Rotten are two examples of recent masterpieces to come to auction. We’ve also snagged the latest work from KAWS, Rammellzee, and Shepard Fairey. In addition, we’ve looked at a selection of other notable works to be auctioned off at this week’s event.

Shepard Fairey’s wheat paste of Johnny Rotten

You’ve probably heard of Banksy, but did you know that his artwork is headed to auction? This piece is part of a controversy surrounding street art and graffiti, including debates about the role of street art in beautifying cities and the role of Fairey, who was recently arrested for doing unauthorized work in Detroit. You can bid on his wheat paste of Johnny Rotten by visiting the Julien’s Auctions website.

Banksy’s bomb hugger

If you’re into street art, Banksy’s Bomb Hugger print is an excellent choice. The image is a popular one, and the limited edition of just 600 works is sure to fetch a high price. While it may be a popular street art print, this one is unique. It is an original and unsigned print, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control. This work has a very low starting price, but can fetch an extremely high value when sold at auction.

Rammellzee’s The Coming of Zee

A multitalented artist, Rammellzee’s artistic career was centered around personal mythology, with his eponymous name deriving from an esoteric mathematical equation. He embodied many different characters in his performances, and his costumes were made from found objects gathered in New York. His death in 2010 was the result of unknown circumstances. Despite this, his legacy lives on in the art and music scenes.

KAWS’s Keep It Spotless

In the late nineties and early aughts, the online art community unified around KAWS’s works. Despite the lack of a dedicated website, collectors and writers tracked his works on blogs and online message boards. Technology at the time limited access to images on the internet, and social media didn’t exist until later. As an artist, KAWS’s work has cultivated a cult following, and he has been able to monetize his fame through various avenues.

Dran’s Untitled

A popular street artist, Dran’s artwork has been the subject of multiple art auctions. His works often comment on societal issues while referencing pop culture and canonical artworks. The images he creates portray everyday objects and people as they relate to various issues facing society. Dran’s paintings are colorful and easy to view, but convey a heaviness that speaks to the human condition.