Find Happiness In Artsy Everyday Items Like Quentin Blake Mugs

A cute view from above of our quentin blake mugs.

Every day we trawl through our work and home, not taking into consideration all the little pieces of wonderful art that are around us. Each paisley shirt or patterned bed sheet came from the mind of some artist, whether it was mass produced or a commissioned piece. Quentin Blake mugs are one such thing which we should revel in, rather than let them pass us by. This iconic artist can be found in the homes of millions around the world, due to his brilliantly whimsical style.

Read on and find out why we think everyone should find happiness is everyday items like Quentin Blake mugs.

Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake is an iconic artist who is best known for his illustrations within Roald Dahl’s children’s books. He was born in 1932 and has been an artist all of his life, with a short break in the National Service.

He has an instantly recognisable style that sets him apart from all other illustrators. Blake is widely recognised as one of the best in the field for children’s literature illustrations. As a result, he has won multiple prestigious awards.

Nowadays, you can find his art everywhere. From children’s books to hospital murals, to the mugs in your kitchen. His whimsical style makes him versatile as to the space in which his art will inhabit.

A warming, milky latte in one of our Quentin Blake mugs.

Check Out MS Mugs for Quentin Blake Mugs & Other Items

If you would like to find Quentin Blake mugs that stand the test of time then you should check out McLaggan Smith Mugs. This company retails Quentin Blake mugs at very reasonable prices. On top of that, the designs on the mugs are all screen printed and then applied to the mugs by hand. The mugs then get fired in a traditional kiln in Scotland. This is a really traditional and also admirable way of achieving the bespoke designs of great artists like Quentin Blake. You can receive your mugs personalised or choose from their wonderful selection.

Find Independent Artists

We think everyone should be able to experience art wherever they go in life. For everyday items like mugs, we recommend finding small, independent groups of artists and supporting them. You may find a hidden gem at the art fair in your city or on an independent artist ecommerce site. An eclectic collection of mugs by many different artists is far more exciting and fun than a high street pack of 4 white mugs. You never know, you could be supporting the Quentin Blake of the next generation.

An adorable chihuahua in one of our Quentin Blake mugs.

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