Five Best Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Online

Personal Brand

For those of you who are starting out in the world of personal branding, you may need some tips. If you would like to become the next big Instagram influencer or have a massive Facebook following then you need to build your personal brand. How can you do that? We have provided five of the best ways to get yourself known on social media especially. You can apply this to blogs too, just make sure you have all the necessary channels to promote your writing and of course, your personal brand.

Read on to find out how we would go about building our personal brand.

Make Yourself Heard

If you are going to gain a following, you need to make yourself heard. Comment on other influencer’s posts and share information that your audience might find valuable (see next point). On many social media platforms it can often feel like you’re talking to yourself, so try and make sure people are seeing your posts. Check out what times of day are best to post on each platform to maximise your reach.

Personal Brand

Find The Right Audience

One of the most important things to do is to find your audience. There’s no point trying to gain a following from people who just aren’t going to be interested in your personal brand. Look at other influencers to inspire you and see which kinds of demographics seem to engage and follow them the most.

Be Consistent

A very important part of building your personal brand is being consistent. Post regularly and maintain a constant ‘voice’ in all of your posts. This will help people to know when you’re going to post. It will also help them to recognise your posts if they are all written in the same style.

Engage With Your Following

Many businesses and brands fail to do the following on social media:  Engage. Talking to your audience, answering their questions, asking them questions. Followers will appreciate the small amount of time taken to reply and it looks good for you as a brand. Be funny and witty, and try to answer as much as possible.

Personal Brand

Don’t Give Up Immediately

You really need to start off building your personal brand with the right mindset. You need to know that the followers aren’t going to come flocking as soon as you set up your account. Just don’t give up and keep on posting and engaging. You will eventually get there!


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